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Wedgwood Teapot

Wedgwood Teapot

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A beautifully designed vintage teapot made by the well known manufacturer Wedgwood. This Jasperware teapot is made in the famous blue under glazed matte stoneware, the colour combination is iconic and quintessentially English.  Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Britain, the sculptured details of Grecian dressed ladies, swaying trees, prancing deer and cascading garlands of acanthus leaves compliment and contrast the blue creating a stunning piece. The teapot is slightly heavy, its body low and well rounded with a generous looped handle and short spout.
Teapot height from tip of finial to base 17cm
Teacup diameter from tip of spout to end of handle 23.5cm
The teapot holds approx 3 -4 teacups
Condition: In excellent unused condition.  There are few tiny specks of stray white paint on the top of the teapot and the handle has a slight spot of raised glaze.
Back stamp shows Wedgwood trade mark - Made in England - (Production/date numbers and letters)

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