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Vintage Booths Duo

Vintage Booths Duo

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A classic blue and white teacup and saucer duo, manufactured in circa 1944 by Booths Ltd, Staffordshire, England.  The duo is decorated with the pattern called Real Old Willow., which depicts the story of forbidden love.  Both the teacup and saucer are decorated with scenes of an oriental gardens, bridges over stream and the two love birds encircling each other. The rim of the saucer is  gently scalloped and gilded with the gilding extending to the inner rim of the saucer and pointed teacup handle.
Teacup height 7cm
Teacup diameter 9cm
Saucer diameter 15cm
Pattern No, A8025

Condition: In very good condition throughout. Nice bright colours. A tiny bit of wear to the gilding on the tip of the teacup handle and some minor gilding rub around the rims.  Hardly noticeable.
Back stamp shows Booths trade mark - Made in England

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