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Art Deco Tuscan China Bird Teacup and Saucer Duo

Art Deco Tuscan China Bird Teacup and Saucer Duo

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A delightful vintage teacup and saucer duo, dating to the Art Deco period, an era of creativity, defined patterns and individuality which this duo is not short of.  Manufactured by R.H & S.L Plant (Ltd), Tuscan Works, Longton. Staffordshire Potteries, England in circa 1936.  The teacup and saucer is made of fine bone china,  very light in weight and  some what transparent because of the thinness of the china. The body is crisp white which is  decorated with the prettiest hand painted colourful bird perched upon a branch of  of a cherry tree.  Little blue and red flowers pop with vibrant colours and are enhanced with a painted black  band around the rims of both teacup and saucer .  The rims are  gently scalloped and gilded with the gilding extending to the elegant looped handle and base.

DIMENSIONS: Teacup height 7cm - Teacup diameter 8cm - Saucer diameter 14cm

CONDITION: In excellent condition.  Beautiful bright colours. A tiny stray flick of paint on the teacup which is evidence  of a hand painted piece.  A very tiny amount of gilding wear on both rims and the teacup handle.

Back stamp shows Tuscan China - Made in England and bears manufactures' trade mark in green.

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