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A set of Four Rare Antique Herculaneum Coffee Cups

A set of Four Rare Antique Herculaneum Coffee Cups

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A set of four unique antique coffee cups dating to circa 1840.  These coffee cups were manufactured by Herculaneum Pottery in  Liverpool, England.  High quality porcelain coffee cups , decorated with bands of hand paint 24kt gold leaf pattern with intermittent little red painted fern decorations.  The rims of the cups are solid and are decorated in a gilt balcony design.  The body is neat and tapered with an angular handle which is decorated in gilt leaf pattern.

Dimensions: Height 7cm x width 7.5cm

Pattern No. 1434

Condition: In very good antique condition.  Nice intact gilding and colours.  One of the coffee cups is slightly yellowed inside.  This is normal with older pieces.

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